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Technology Impact on Home Care Businesses in 2021

The home healthcare sector is sprawling. The industry was valued at $281.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $303.6 billion by 2020. But the journey for home care agencies hasn’t been free of hurdles. Manual processes and discrepancies between caregivers and providers have made things challenging.

But now, as the sector adopts technology, a tangible improvement in home care agency operations is visible.

Let’s take a look at how technological advancements are impacting home care businesses.

1. Seamless Member Onboarding

Home care agencies often struggle when it comes to screening and onboarding new members. The process is manual and paper-based, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs. To overcome this hurdle, home care agencies are adopting digital solutions.

Mobile apps for home care agencies enable seamless member onboarding. You can offer the app to patients and caregivers, which they can install and use to register themselves with your service. This apps feature electronic visit verification (EVV) capabilities, which makes the entire screening process quick and transparent.

2. Connecting Dots Between Patients and Providers

Home care agencies play a pivotal role in connecting patients and caregivers with healthcare service providers. These agencies are utilizing apps for homecare agencies to connect the two parties.

These apps provide patients and caregivers access to multiple healthcare and ambulance facilities. When they require medical help, they can simply send a request from caregiver mobile apps. You, as the home care agency, can then forward the request to the provider.

This way, you’ll be able to provide your patients with quick, good-quality service.

3. Effortless Insurance Management

Several home care insurance programs are available that help patients with home health care, non-medical home care, and other in-home supports. However, for hassle-free insurance management, home care agencies need to ensure patients, and insurance providers stay on the same page.

Apps for home care agencies resolve this hurdle. You can provide a platform for caregivers and insurance providers to facilitate insurance procedures. Patients and caregivers can communicate with insurance companies and vice versa for a seamless insurance settlement.

4. Efficient Operations Management

Running a home care agency comes with challenges and responsibilities. Managing patients, caregivers, and healthcare and insurance providers is just the tip of the iceberg. You also need to ensure your staff is productive and your operations are efficient.

Home care agencies are giving up manual processes and switching to digital solutions to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity. Apps for home care agencies come with robust business management tools, like billing and payroll, human resources management, reports & analytics, and more.

With these capabilities, you can significantly improve your home care agency’s operational efficiency. You can administer your entire business from one place. Besides, cloud capabilities also enable you to manage your home care agency remotely.

5. Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of success in the home care business. You want to make sure your patients are getting a hassle-free experience. At the same time, you also want to ensure smooth operations for healthcare and insurance providers.

Apps for home care agencies make this possible. Providing apps for senior caregivers can make availing healthcare services a pleasant experience for patients and caregivers.

6. Telehealth

Telehealth technology is making its way to the home care sector. Telehealth apps for senior caregivers allow home care agencies to monitor their patients without requiring them to come to the clinic. These apps are beneficial for disabled and extremely old adults who can’t travel to the hospital.

Wrapping Up

Apps for home care agencies are enabling home care businesses to provide better services to their customers. These applications also help you streamline your business operations and reduce overhead expenses. In this decade, technology will drive the home care business. we Icanio make perfect and customized solutions, keeping in mind the changing technological landscape. And in order to stay afloat, home care agencies will need to implement digital solutions; here’s exactly where the expertise of Icanio Technology, your technology partner, will come in handy.




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