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How to conduct an event during the pandemic

The benefits of creating a unique platform for your event.

In spite of staying home for the majority of the pandemic, we’re surprised at the number of events we’ve attended. From watching projected crowd cheer for their team and couples seek blessings on calls, to getting the front-row view at fashion shows, digital has kept the ball rolling.

Boosting your business through the pandemic has revealed that the world’s your audience with digital as the stage! And if you’re planning to hold an event for your company, here are reasons you should consider creating your own platform for it:

Unique to your Brand & Strategy

Today, we’re spoilt for choice while selecting a platform for conducting an event; however, third party applications offer generalized features that won’t necessarily match your brand or your strategy. Creating a platform from scratch to host your event allows you to tailor each detail of it, right from video streaming to audience registration.

Promoting your Event – Timely Reminders

A key benefit of investing in creating an event platform – prompt and customized communication. While your event may be lost in the clutter on third-party platforms, promoting your event through your website and/or application not only gives it the due limelight but also allows you to share important details, event updates, and reminders as notifications.

Personalized Customer Service

Have a standard of service to maintain? With complete control of the whole event, you could continue your customer engagement strategies and impeccable service seamlessly. If you’re looking to hold a large-scale event, the registration of which demands 24/7 assistance, chatbots are your holy grail. With automated responses for predicted queries, such technology permits one to focus on other aspects of the event. Additionally, they unlock a marketing opportunity for brands by presenting a crucial database for event marketers.

Complete Control over Data

You may not always want third-party applications to have access to your customer database; creating an event platform ensures utmost security.

Additionally, at a time when everyone’s hesitant about sharing their personal/ financial details online, you could also choose to offer your customers security. Registering for an event not only involves sharing one’s personal details but also their payment information for a paid one. By enabling Blockchain IDs for customers, an organizer chalks out the need for such exchange of information whilst gaining one’s trust and loyalty. 

The Event Industry is at the cusp of witnessing a change in tide due to technology. What began with online ticketing, evolved to mobile applications and today continues to scale new heights with immersive experiences. The thought of holding an event online may seem taxing at first, but it’s only a step towards the future; should you have additional queries about organizing one, feel free to reach out to us!

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