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Decoding Industry 4.0 – Here’s What You Should Know

A digitized business model, your response to stay ahead of the curve.

Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution marks a new phase for humankind with a focus on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time access to data. Much like the evolutions that preceded it, including the introduction of computers and electronics in businesses, Industry 4.0 encompasses a significant transformation of daily processes that one cannot afford to ignore. Marrying the demands of manufacturing with the theatrics of technology, it unfolds a smarter and efficient way for manufacturing units across sectors.

Now that we’ve established that Industry 4.0 isn’t merely a marketing buzzword, let’s look at what it has in store for your brand:

Artificial Intelligence

AI doesn’t just unleash the power of machine learning for a brand but also provides accurate data for calculated and dynamic decisions. However, not many are familiar with its capabilities beyond the ease of chatbots. Tremendous progress has been made in this field with companies adopting it for prompt, programmed services and predictive market analysis. Self-driving cars, drones, virtual assistants, and smart software, all fall under this vast umbrella of AI.

The Cloud

Interconnectivity is one of the major touchpoints of the Industry 4.0, and Cloud solutions are leading the way! Such convenience for storage and access of data optimizes operations to transform both small and large enterprises into smart ones.

Digitized Logistics

Technology offers a seamless automized supply chain for manufacturing units, tackling even those aspects that usually miss the human eye. While some human intervention remains necessary, a programmed and connected network takes a load off one’s shoulders, thereby allowing proactive adjustments.

Autonomous Options

It isn’t uncommon to notice an autonomous crane parked at the dork, accepting containers from ships. Similarly, the use of robots is gaining momentum for warehouse management. However, the scale of employability of such technology largely depends on the requirements of the brand. Today, the smallest of tasks can be automated with machine learning and software development; the sky is the limit for innovation in automation!

Benefits of the Industry 4.0

Competitive Edge:

Think of a successful age-old brand; do you know the difference between it and its competitors? It stood the test of time by staying ahead of the curve. Integration of such technologies not only guarantees efficient solutions but also provides a competitive edge.

Calculated & Timely Management:

With interconnectivity, real-time access to data, and programmed solutions to basic processes, digitization allows a faster and smoother communication link between the management of the company.

Futuristic Model:

Big data and predictive analytics allow brands to foresee challenges and remain steady even amidst floundering counterparts.

Better Investments

The adaptation of digitized solutions may come across as taxing and heavy on the pocket but this investment doesn’t demand a recurring budget, even while paving the way to a better ROI.

As we explore the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we must realize that it is still evolving. In a such a scenario should one wait for the complete picture to take action? Definitely not, for you may be 20 or 30 years too late. The idea is to remain relevant at this moment and use tech-enabled solutions only tailored to the requirements of the business; for it isn’t about exploring new technology as much as it is about revolutionizing your model for growth.




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