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Build and Deploy Mobile Apps Fast With React Native

React Native, the framework launched by Facebook way back in 2015, enables application developers to build multi-platform apps quickly. It is just perfect for modern developers who wish to build native UI by making use of their chosen tool, namely, JavaScript. This open-source mobile app development framework is used for cross-platform apps, bridging the gap between native and hybrid apps.

Key Features of React Native that Enables Faster App Creation and Deployment

As developers can take the components of both Android and iOS, they are empowered to build apps faster and reap the benefits of both platforms. The following are a few of the major factors that facilitate faster app development and deployment using React Native:

Cross-platform app development:

Earlier, developers had to maintain Android and iOS apps separately, as they were written in different languages, using different frameworks. Now, with React Native, developers who are comfortable with native UI libraries, hybrid app development, and APIs can create applications quickly and maintain the same effortlessly.

The voluminous components available facilitate faster app development:

The online support community for React Native is large and growing. With relevant components readily available, developers can get the apps out faster. Moreover, using a shared layer for Android and iOS translates into 30% saving in time. The comprehensive library of functional and class-based React components expedites building apps.  

Code reusability enhances speed and efficiency:

The technology relieves developers from having to create separate codes for iOS and Android. JavaScript is used for both, making it less time-consuming for developers. Recompiling is not required, and the state of the app need not be changed while running a new code.

Hot and live reloading allows instantly checking the changes:

Checking the changes made to the code in a separate window that shows live preview is possible. Hot reloading facilitates real-time feedback. Once changes are made, the entire application is reloaded automatically

The flexibility of JavaScript:

Developers, who are skilled in strictly typed languages such as Java, Kotlin, or Swift, will find JavaScript very flexible and easy to work with. For example, old random properties may be added to a JavaScript object without facing compiler errors.

Just one development team is required to develop the entire project:

Unlike cross-platforms in the past that necessitated a distinct team of developers for each platform, React Native apps help to create apps using a single code base. This reduces the time required for releasing the app across platforms.

Updating apps with no need to go to app stores:

In native apps, adding new features involved reiterating the build process and uploading the updated version on the app store. Now, with code push, the app can be updated automatically during run time. The users can see the changes made without having to re-launch the app.

Simple and supple development enables faster time to market:

Easy to read code facilitates simple app development solutions. The bug-free code and fewer complexities help to eliminate errors and ensure faster app development.

React Native is focused on mobile UI. It facilitates a highly responsive UI by using JavaScript library and because of its interaction with the native environment. These factors ensure a delicate feel and the least load time, compared to that of any other app. Entrepreneurs and business owners are welcome to approach Icanio Technologies for planning, building, and deploying robust React Native apps.




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