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How is Technology Reshaping the Healthcare Industry?

Innovations that are propelling advances in Medicine

Over the past year, we’ve seen more than just the ‘unprecedented,’ we saw retail accepting technology with gustoEdTech gaining momentum, and immersive technologies paving the way to the new normal.

And while businesses across industries opted for digital solutions, healthcare, the industry that took the harshest punch of the pandemic, wasn’t far behind. In fact, it could rightly earn the title of being the pioneer in digitization! Many tech-enabled solutions were already popular in healthcare when 2020 fuelled its progress. Following, we’ve listed such innovations that helped the industry withstand the blows of COVID-19; thereby, securing a place in the future!

Mobile Care & Smart Devices

Technology has helped the healthcare industry extend beyond the confines of clinics/ hospitals, with ‘Mobile Care’ in the literal sense of the word. Today, there are numerous applications for tracking one’s health and nutrition. Such availability of personalized data allows early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Smart devices allow one to take control for their own life, keep track of their health and maintain a balanced lifestyle. With sensors attached to watches and other wearables, tracking sleep, stress level and heart rate is just a few clicks away!


Another facility promoting mobile/ remote care is telemedicine; such services include, but aren’t limited to, three key aspects of healthcare – Real-time Communication, Broadcast of Information, and 24/7 Remote Monitoring. The first allows patients and doctors to communicate remotely, a feature many adopted during the pandemic; the second, ‘Broadcast of Information,’ includes creating a platform for a seamless flow of information from medical practitioners to the general public, such efforts help crucial knowledge stand out in the digital cacophony. And lastly, remote monitoring is ideal for remote caregivers who can keep a check on their loved ones/ patients while on the go. 

Cloud Computing – Data Storage

Maintaining medical records is often touted as one of the biggest hassles in the healthcare industry. Introducing cloud computing for data storage and maintenance ensures a seamless exchange of information for both the management and the patients. Additionally, it allows medical practitioners to access data promptly and round the clock.

3D Printing

3D-printing has unravelled new avenues in healthcare. Printing artificial limbs, blood vessels, and tissues, personalized to one’s requirements is no longer a far-fetched dream. With the skyrocketing acceptance of this technology, it’s only expected to grow in the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI algorithms scan medical data, suggest treatment possibilities, and create drugs with unmatched efficiency. Recently, a Google backed company created an AI-led algorithm which outperformed radiologists in breast cancer analysis. This technology has propelled advances in medical imaging as well.

To conclude, we’ve just begun to see technology reshape the healthcare industry, making it more dynamic and resistant than ever.




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